The Best Places To Go Camping in and Around Denver

With Storage Star, you can find the best camping spots, amenities, and insider tips for an unforgettable outdoor adventure near Denver, CO. Woman hiking on a mountain trail in Colorado.

Are you ready to dive into the great outdoors near Denver? If you’re seeking the finest camping spots, breathtaking views, and truly unforgettable experiences, you’re in the right place! Let us guide you through the premier camping destinations in and around Denver while helping ensure your gear’s safety with Storage Star’s Colorado facilities. Find your perfect camping setting and craft enduring memories amid nature’s grandeur.

Camping Spots Near Denver

1. Golden Gate Canyon State Park

Golden Gate Canyon State Park, located 30 miles from Denver, spans over 12,000 acres of forested land, rocky peaks, and tranquil meadows. Campers have a range of campsites to choose from, including cozy cabins for a comfortable stay immersed in nature’s splendor. Hiking trails provide opportunities to observe local wildlife while taking in the stunning natural surroundings, making this park a sanctuary for outdoor enthusiasts near Denver.

2. Chatfield State Park

Chatfield State Park is an excellent camping destination for those seeking water activities closer to the city. Situated southwest of Denver, this park offers camping near a scenic reservoir, making it a paradise for boating and fishing enthusiasts. Outdoor enthusiasts looking for a serene retreat near Denver will find Chatfield State Park a beloved getaway spot.

A family hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park.

3. Rocky Mountain National Park

Just a short scenic drive from Denver, nature lovers will love Rocky Mountain National Park. Camping enthusiasts will find this park a paradise, offering awe-inspiring mountain views, abundant wildlife, and various campgrounds. As night descends, the star-filled skies above the Rockies provide a magical backdrop for sharing stories around a crackling campfire, embodying Colorado’s rugged beauty and wild spirit.

4. Guanella Pass Campground

Escape the urban rush at Guanella Pass Campground, just an hour away from Denver, offering a peaceful mountain retreat. This hidden gem in the Rockies near Georgetown, CO, envelops visitors in alpine splendor and tranquillity. Embrace the serenity of this mountain haven, disconnect from the world, and unwind in nature’s embrace.

5. Boyd Lake State Park

Embrace the beauty of Boyd Lake State Park, a scenic retreat in the heart of Colorado’s Front Range. This park lies near Loveland and offers many outdoor activities near Denver amid stunning natural surroundings. Boating enthusiasts can take to the expansive lake for a day of water adventures, while anglers can cast their lines in search of prized catches. Boyd Lake State Park is a serene escape for outdoor enthusiasts seeking relaxation and recreation.

Scenic landscape of Lake Pueblo State Park.

6. Lake Pueblo State Park

Experience the allure of Lake Pueblo State Park, a captivating oasis in southern Colorado that is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts. Situated near Pueblo, this park boasts a sprawling reservoir offering endless water-based activities like boating, fishing, and swimming.

Whether seeking adventure on the water or tranquillity on land, Lake Pueblo State Park provides a harmonious blend of recreation and relaxation against Colorado’s natural beauty. If you need to store camping equipment somewhere after your trip, rent a personal storage unit at Storage Star’s facility in Pueblo, CO, on Eagleridge Boulevard.

Camper Storage

When embarking on your camping adventure, remember camper storage—ensuring the security of your camper when not in use is essential for a stress-free experience. Vehicle storage is critical to any outdoor enthusiast’s journey, providing peace of mind and added protection from the elements and potential theft. Discover reliable boat and RV storage options in and around Denver below:

Tent Storage Tips

Properly maintaining the cleanliness and dryness of your tent post-camping is vital for its longevity and performance. The following tips will help you know how to store a tent properly:

  1. Clean and dry your tent. Ensure it’s clean and thoroughly dry before storing it. Remove any dirt, debris, or moisture to prevent mold and mildew growth.
  2. Store your tent loosely. Avoid compressing your tent for extended periods. Store it loosely in climate-controlled storage to maintain the fabric’s integrity and prevent creases.
  3. Use a storage bag. Use a breathable storage bag or sack to protect your tent from dust and UV exposure. Avoid long-term storage in a stuff sack to preserve the tent’s waterproof coating.
  4. Avoid extreme temperatures. Store your tent away from direct sunlight and extreme heat or cold, as these conditions can damage the fabric and seams over time.

By following these tent storage tips, you can extend the life of your camping gear and be well-prepared for your next outdoor adventure in and around Denver!

Elevate Your Camping Experience With Storage Star in Denver

Storage Star is your reliable storage ally for an exceptional camping excursion in and around Denver. Whether heading to the Rocky Mountains or planning a lakeside retreat nearby, a convenient storage option is essential. Rest easy knowing your equipment is ready for your next escapade.

Contact the Storage Star team to secure a storage unit to prepare for unforgettable camping experiences amid Denver’s scenic landscapes.

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