Student Storage

College students are familiar with the struggle of finding enough space to store their belongings without compromising living space. Luckily, Storage Star is here to help. With our convenient self storage units, you can keep all your items close by and neatly tucked away. Don’t let cramped dorms or shared apartments hold you back—find a Storage Star facility near you and start decluttering today.

Benefits of Student Storage

When it comes to storage, planning is key, especially when moving to college. While everyone’s needs may differ, there are a few general tips to remember. Firstly, pack lightly to avoid unnecessary clutter, but don’t feel compelled to give up everything. It’s important to consider long-term plans as well.

If you’re moving out of state and anticipate needing a larger space after your lease ends, Storage Star can help. Our self storage units are ideal for keeping your furniture in good condition until you settle into a bigger place. Whether you’re studying abroad or require storage during summer and winter breaks, we offer flexible month-to-month leases to accommodate your needs. With Storage Star, you can be sure to find the right amount of space for as long as you require it.

What Should I Put in My Storage Unit as a Student?

First-year student dorms provide a great introduction to college life. However, the limited space and constant foot traffic can make it challenging to keep your belongings secure.

If you prefer an open and organized study area, storing items not frequently used in your storage unit is advisable. This will help create a clutter-free environment conducive to focused studying. Wondering what college students typically keep in their storage units? Here are some everyday items:

Utilizing a storage unit can declutter your dorm room without losing access to the items you need while enjoying the benefits of a tidy and well organized living space.

What Storage Unit Size Is Best for Students?

At Storage Star, we recognize that finding the best value for your money is important to you. If you need a small storage space for just a few items, we recommend our cost-effective and efficient 5×5 units. These units offer ample space to accommodate your belongings without breaking the bank.

Our 10×30 units are an excellent choice for those with larger storage requirements. These spacious units can comfortably accommodate even the largest household furniture and appliances, comparable to a large garage.

While, ultimately, you’re the best judge of your storage needs, our team is here to assist you in narrowing down your options. We offer a comprehensive self storage size guide to help you find the perfect unit size to suit your belongings and budget.

Rent Your Student Storage From Storage Star

Make your college journey more convenient and hassle-free with the help of Storage Star. We offer a wide range of flexible storage options, whether you require a small unit for a few items or a larger space to store furniture and appliances. To begin your storage journey, find a Storage Star facility near you. Explore the available options and choose the unit size that best fits your requirements. Once you’ve selected, don’t hesitate to contact us and get started. Our team is ready to assist you in making your college experience smoother and more organized with our reliable storage solutions.